Monday, January 31, 2011

Three reviews

Bed of Roses
The interesting thing about this new ABC television show is you can subtract all the specific details from the description, such as names, plot details, scenery, costumes, and everything else, and still you end up with a reasonable description of the show. I only came in watching this show halfway, but this description still shapes up reasonably well:

1) Dramatic scene, emotional conflict.
2) Startling emotional resolution
3) Whacky scene, involving lovable characters
4) Heartfelt guitar music
5) More emotional conflict.
6) More whackiness.
7) Plot driving towards resolution.
8) Emotional revelation involving Characters Talking About Their Problems And Learning A Little About One Another And Most Especially Themselves.
9) Whackily whacky joke underscoring the main plot point that drives plot towards resolution.
10) Emotional resolution + whacky scene involving lovable characters
11) Emotional resolution + lovable characters + heartfelt guitar music
12) Concluding whacky joke further underscoring the resolution of plot that has just been resolved in the previous scene!
13) Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

The Proprietor of Inappropriate Lemonade Stands
I got this zine at Sticky. It's hilarious, and simple: so simple that I find if I attempt a description at all, I ruin the joke. So my review for this is pretty much like the review for Bed of Roses, except even more general and non-specific in nature.

1) I couldn't read some of the words on page 2, but still got the joke, so that was all right.
2) There is a funny joke peripheral to the main joke on page 12
3) Not sure I get the context on page 18
4) Page 19 sort of passed me by as well, but it was still nice
5) There might have been a line or two out of place as well, I'm not sure, but on the whole, what a great zine.

Cool baths on hot days
I am into cool baths on hot days. I am so into cool baths on hot days that I got into one yesterday. I am not so into them as to still being in the cool bath that I got into on the previous hot day, being yesterday, and indeed if I were to get into that cool bath now, it would be like getting into a bloody freezing bath on a soon-to-be hot day, which would not be quite the same thing, but my general point still holds. Cool baths on hot days, like hot baths on cool days, or green leaves on red strawberries, go pretty well with one another, I find. In a world full of inappropriate things, like Australian heatwaves, they are entirely appropriate. You should get into cool baths on hot days too.


Legal Eagle said...

Cool baths on hot days are loverly.

TimT said...

This weather, though. Ridiculous. Ought to be a law against it.

Bureau of Meteorology has become my new favourite website. Happens every year about this time...

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