Thursday, February 10, 2011

Remark remark remark comma remark remark comma remark full stop

Mod Dance Company will debut with a national tour this year, and remarkably, has formed without any public funding. - ABC News
It's remarkable how remarkable this remarkable fact is, so remarkable that the ABC had to remark on it! And not only did they remark on it, but they also remarked on their remarks, making the fact all the more remarkable. All in all, this remarkable fact was remarked on twice, which is worthy of remark.

I wonder however if I should tell the ABC about the poem that I just wrote without public funding, or the blog post that I am in the process of writing, without public funding. I'm pretty certain they would find it remarkable (even if they didn't remark on it) but they might also be a bit worried. For one thing, they might have to remark on their remarks, and remark on my remarks about their remarks on their previous remarks, which would be very remarkable indeed. For another thing, I'm sure they'll be concerned, and probably befuddled, by all these things happening without public funding - after all, how can such things conceivably happen? They are truly remarkable!

I think I'll just leave a few commas out of this post, and go and get some arts funding and maybe a few laws and minor regulations passed through parliament just so I can put them in. That'll reassure the ABC. Maybe even give them something else to remark about!

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