Friday, July 08, 2011

Conversation 2.0

The Ambassadorial Delegation is visiting from Sydney. You know that word, 'conversation'? Well we don't worry about any of that stuff. Instead, we just sit around the table, with all our laptops out, typing busily away.

True, mistakes are made sometimes, such as when I went to poke D. on the facebook wall and I accidentally poked him in real life, or when I meant to tell everyone that we should eat breakfast now, but I just ended up sending them a group email instead. But in general, everyone seems to be getting along very well indeed. I suppose if I really want to emphasise an argument I'm making at any point, I can type REALLY LOUDLY, but there doesn't seem to be much call for that at the moment.

The communications revolution, what with all these mobile phones, and iPads, and dingles, and dongles, and computers, and internet, is really marvellous, isn't it? True, it may all end up in tears - I'll be on facebook chat with the Baron, but she'll be playing Scrabble with K., who will be concentrating on Skyping with someone else entirely, while D. pokes me repeatedly in the eye - I mean, Facebook wall - in the meantime.

In conclusion, here is a digitalised computerised whizz bang picture of a buttered crumpet, which I suppose I should eat at some point. The crumpet, I mean, not the digitalised computerised whizz bang picture.

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