Monday, July 18, 2011

The epitome of epicurianism

tuna, marinated in a sweet sauce, on a rich bed of flavoursome croutons, swirled together with a delectable compote.

Minced steak, rare, tenderly soaking on a platter of local mini-puddings - a popular favourite!

A five grain muesli, delicately mixed in other crunchy seeds, lightly flavoured with seasonal spices for an intensely satisfying gastronomic experience.

Though as a matter of fact, the entree was cat food dumped onto a bunch of other cat food that had previously been mixed in with another bunch of cat food; the main was cat food plopped on top of more cat food; and the third was chook food, chook food, and even more chook food. So in each of these cases the animals just gobbled up the bits they liked and left the rest. Oh, and the chooks did a couple of turds in their five-grain muesli just to make everything quite clear.


Steve said...

Tim, this post is in need of a comment.

Now that that's out of the way, I thought of a story idea the other day. It's a variation of the Twilight Zone style scenario of a writer who finds what he writes one day comes true the next. Except - it's only when he makes a typo that it happens. Thus - if he wrote "John Smith has a flare for" such and such, instead of "flair", Smith's house burns down the next day.

I thought you might like the idea. I could be completely wrong.

TimT said...

Thanks for the, er, comment.

Your story idea has legs. Perhaps it could start with John Smith writing about his house having a flaw; next morning he'd wake up and fall through the bottom of his house because the floor went missing. That's a flaw all right.

Things could go on until he types

At least we still have a kichten...

The next day a gigantic kichten, jaws slavering, would turn up, threatening to devour his entire family...

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