Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Magical modern miracle!

IN WHAT IS SEEN BY MANY AS A MODERN-DAY MIRACLE, a smiley face believed to represent the face of the Virgin Mary has appeared on a sheet of paper in a Melbourne home.

The Holy Emoticon, which is believed to consist of a colon, an en dash, and a close parenthesis, was found in the home of the Splutch family, in Epping, in Melbourne's outer north. "It stopped me right in my tracks," says Mrs Splutch. "I had to pull my husband over and ask, 'is that what I think it is'?"

Crude artistic representation of what the smiley face of Our Lady of the Parenthesis looked like.

However, this amazing Smiley Face miracle was soon to create a storm of controversy around the world, with papers in several countries soon claiming that the Sacred Smiley represented Buddha, Moses, or even Mary's little sister, Priscillina.

"These people are trying to discredit this modern-day miracle, and it's just not on," complains Father Grump, at the local Catholic Church. "They'd better be careful, or one day they'll see a Frowny Face of the Holy Mother appear on their toast, and then they'll be sorry!"

The miraculous smiley face has been sold to a Las Vegas casino for an undisclosed sum of money, believed to be in the tens of thousands.

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Mitzi G Burger said...

I would not like to attend confession with Father Grump.

TimT said...

Yes, he'd be likely to dong you with the venerable beads.

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