Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Slightly amusing and half interesting things that happen around our house that may kind of unamuse and sort of disinterest you

Bea was walking carefully along the fence when the little plastic frog thing on it FELL DOWN! She straightaway became SO excited that - SHE JUMPED DOWN AFTER IT!

And then, when she came inside to get food, she ran in so fast that SHE THUMPED THE SIDE OF MY SHOE and even then SHE DIDN'T STOP!

Meanwhile, Agatha the chicken was sitting in the corner of the garden ruffling the dust through her feathers. Then it started raining and the dust turned to mud - BUT SHE KEPT ON DOING IT ANYWAY!

Harriet was sitting on one side of the tree. Then Bea crept round the other side and JUMPED on her when she WASN'T LOOKING!

Plus, once, I swept up a whole pile of dust and cat hair from the living room. BUT HARRIET CAME ALONG AND SAT DOWN ON IT!

Another time, I went to sit down at the table. But I couldn't pull the chair out - it was too heavy - because BEA WAS SITTING ON IT!

This morning all three chickens laid eggs, and the eggs were ALL SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER!



Shelley said...

Have you considered getting out more?

TimT said...

It's just perpetual LOLcats and LOLchickens around our place, I tell you.

Next up: epic poems about funny stuff wot my cats have done with string.

Steve said...

Do cats tolerate chickens well?

TimT said...

Steve, it's more a question of do the chickens tolerate the cats. They peck and chase the cats if they get too close!

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