Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday scandal!

People have been outsourcing the job of receiving calls from outsourced call centres to outsourced reception centres, studies reveal.

The outsourced call receivers specialise in saying, 'no, not interested', and hanging up the phone which immediately rings with a call from another outsourced call centre, and these reception centres have been springing up all over India, the Phillipines, and China. However, concerns have been raised that some outsourced call centres also operate underground outsourced reception centres, in order to call through to themselves and meet their quotas.

Facts about this clandestine call-reception business are difficult to find, but it is believed that call centres full of people calling through to themselves merely in order to hang up on themselves so they can call themselves again are springing up all over China, the Phillipines, and India.

A helpful diagram.

However, concerns about the outsourcing of call reception jobs have sprung up amongst a number of unions representing call reception workers that have themselves sprung up since the breaking of this story five minutes ago.

"Isn't it high time we kept call reception jobs in Australia? This five minutes has been going for too long" says one union representative.

"If anyone is going to call themselves and receive calls from themselves merely in order to hang up on themselves so they can call themselves again, it should be Australian workers," says another representative of the representative union which began representing Australian workers five minutes ago.

Outsourced Call-Reception Centres could not be contacted for this story as they were too busy receiving outsourced calls from themselves and hanging up on themselves.


TimT said...

As if on queue, while writing this post I received a call from someone at a call centre. Damn, I should have asked them while I had the opportunity!

Mitzi G Burger said...

Brilliant! Please ask me if you don't wish this comment to be recorded for training purposes.

TimT said...

CUE! On CUE, dammit!

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