Wednesday, March 07, 2012

The Alpenhorns of faith

The Jehova's Witnesses - those nice young men who wait until you're walking around the house in your underwear before knocking on your door and asking you if you'd like to convert - happened to leave a stray copy of their magazine, Awake!, on the train yesterday and I happened to pick it up. Very charming article about Alpenhorns in the current issue, don't you know.

Anyway, it struck me afterwards that I always seem to be finding stray copies of Jehova's Witness publications lying around on the train. It's almost as if there's a stray copy division in the church, devoted to the organisation of nice young men who go around the trains and the trams and the buses and leave stray copies of their magazine lying around. It seems to be a rather inefficient method of proselytising, all things considered. I mean, come the Great Harvesting of Souls, how many converts will honestly be able to front up to the Creator, and say, 'Well, I picked up a stray copy of Awake! on the train and it really changed my minds about some things?'

They do have nice articles about Alpenhorns, though. 

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