Friday, March 16, 2012

Ask a rhetorical question

When words and science fail, could art hold the answer to tackling climate change?

In a world full of complex problems, such as pollution, climate change, and the Australian Labor Party, what sort of solutions does art have to offer? Yes. Of course, I often ask myself, as a person, as a concerned citizen, and most importantly, as a poet, how can I make a contribution and find an answer through my work? Sometimes. It is of course becoming increasingly clear that a solution to these problems is needed, but how long will it be before we arrive at this solution? About 27 paces. Yes, but will this be something that I can achieve on my own? Possibly the latter. But isn't it true that all art can do is ask the hard questions, and it is up to the rest of us to ask the answers? Seventeen. My hair was brown at the time. And do we think art can achieve this on its own? Possibly all the other ones. But in the end, what sort of answers can we expect art to ask? Definitely. And that's all we can hope for.


Caz said...

At the very least we should expect more portraits of Bob Brown to be entered into the Archibalds.

And seascapes, showing human inhabitants being tossed about like tee wee match sticks and their homes being washed away.

Yes, there is much to look forward to from the arts community!

TimT said...

You remind me of the time I went to the Archies when they were at our Arts Centre and was confronted with a largish picture of Mr Brown posing, rather like Napoleon, in the middle of a Tasmanian forest.

The Bunyip has somewhat more frivolous hopes, related to feather dusters...

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