Saturday, March 24, 2012

Notes from a day of public transport

- Old lady gets on tram wearing purple astro-turf on her head. I'm not sure whether it's a wig, a hat, or a tennis-court.

- Heading back down on the tram to Northcote this evening, a group of about 30 young men - all with near-identical crew-cuts - get on tram. We get off at the same station, and they begin calling to one another, a strange, rhythmical 'Whoop-whoop-whoo Whoop-whoo!' It's like I'm in the jungle!

- Two passengers on the train behind me grumbling at one another about an incident a few stations earlier, where the train got delayed because someone pressed the 'emergency' button because of a minor dispute. They appear very happy to have something to be slightly cranky about. When they stop whinging about that they move easily and conveniently on to other subjects of slight inconvenience, like car-parking.

- Excellent chunder at Lalor station this evening - the second I've seen today in fact. Deposited neatly, several meters away from the entrance to the rain shelter, it is chunky and pleasingly circular - like porridge that has slid in one whole chunk out of the pot.

It's chunderful, in fact.


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TimT said...


Caz said...

No one shooting up, scoring or angling for next sexual hook-up?

You should try a Richmond tram some time ...

(What happened to subscribe to comments?! Vanished!)

TimT said...

Nothing quite so exciting as that on the Epping line. No, for most of the rides it's just boringly boring. Probably a good thing that ;)

Caz said...

Yes, I have come to cherish boring trips on public transport.

That, and when Myki works.

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