Thursday, March 22, 2012


The grandly-titled suburb of Reservoir sits on the Epping train line, nestled between the glorious confluence of power lines and warehouses known as Keon Park, and that place that has those markets that are never open when I can get to them, Preston. Most Melburnians pronounce it 'Reser-vore', I pronounce it 'Reser-vwah'. How can we resolve our differences over pronunciation? 

There can be only one solution. I suggest it be re-christened immediately to be known as Reserphwoar!


Shelley said...

The same people who can't pronounce 'castle' properly?

TimT said...

Yes yes! Or, as the French would say, 'wee wee!'

Anonymous said...

Now, as you may recall I lived in said suburb for two years. No-one who lives there calls it Reser-vwah. I concur with you that this is the correct pronunciation. I'm quite enamoured of your -phwoar suggestion. Phwoar, folks really do drive fast around here. Phwoar, is there really no bookstore. Phwoar, the streets seem reminiscent of Canberra. Phwoar, that is frankly the largest house I've ever seen. Phwoar, does this suburb never end?

I will always simply call it Rezza. And, for all its quirks, it will remain close to my heart. (And stalk my dreams).

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