Friday, September 06, 2013

An imbibulatory inventory

AKA, beers wot I have brewed this autumn and winter (and also a little bit of stuff from early spring)

(I started writing this list a few days ago as a handy distraction when I had something much more important to do. Funnily enough, instead of finishing the list, or actually doing the more important thing, I ended up getting distracted from my distraction. I couldn't even waste my own time properly!) 

Cider - 7/4/13

Stout with oatmeal and whey - 11/4/13

English brown ale - 22/3/13

Another brown ale with almonds - 1/5/13

Mead - 5/5/13

Porter - 10/5/13

Brown Ale with sultanas - 23/5/13

Brown Ale with almonds and sultanas and some juice from stewed apples - 31/5/13

Fejoia wine - 4/5/13

Ginger Beer - 27/5/13

Chocolate stout - 9/6/13

Rosemary brown ale - 10/6/13

Cinnamon porter - 20/6/13

English pale bitter with pink peppercorns - 30/6/13

Witbier with lemon verbena - 26/6/13

Porter with cinnamon and orange and lemon rind - 4/7/13

Witbier with lemon and tangello peel and coriander (because of my stupidity the coriander turned out to be cumin, but, you know, meh) - 16/7/13

Porter with cinnamon, coriander and juniper - 26/7/13

Altbier with lemon verbena and cretan savoury (it's just a German brown beer) - 4/8/13

Pilsener - 7/8/13

Beetroot bitter - 11/8/13

Witbier with orange, coriander, and nutmeg - 13/8/13

Porter with cinnamon, coriander, carraway and coffee - 20/8/13

Oktoberfest Lager with meadowsweet - 24/8/13

Mead with apple, orange peel, and cloves - 18/8/13 (okay, this was meant to use a wild yeast, but so far it is stubbornly not fermenting. My strategy with it at the moment is to look sternly at it every time I pass it by. I think it'll work eventually.)

Bappir cakes (for Sumerian ale - if I ever get around to making it) - 18/8/13 (These are little cakes of barley and coriander and dates mixed together with a little honey water)

Altbier with rosemary and thyme, and fresh honey added during fermentation - 26/8/13

Porter with pepper and juniper - 30/8/13

Scottish light with lemon verbena and tagetes 5/9/13

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