Friday, September 13, 2013

Tragedy comedy dramedy infotainment cat hair

From the department of watching the grass grow, listening to the cheese mature, telling entertaining anecdotes about cats sleeping, looking at the bees walking to and fro on the front of their hive, laughing about funny stuff the chickens ate, and watching a cat hair float around the house from one room to another, comes the latest excellent and riveting entertainment, watching the bloops of carbon dioxide go up through the blooper of a demijohn of fermenting beer and, well, blooping into the open air.

This riveting prime time drama, combining elements of burlesque, tragedy, comedy, dramedy, infotainment, soap opera, oratorio, and taking a banana peel out to the worms and gazing in fascination as they bury their way down to the bottom of the worm farm when you open the lid up, makes extraordinarily and enriching viewing for everyone involved, so that's just me then. Bloop! Bloop! Hey, there's another one! Bloop! There's just so much to learn and appreciate and discover, and you really appreciate something new each time you go back to watch it. Bloop! That bubble's taking a while. Bloop! Bloop! I really, really recommend it. Hey, do you want to take over? Well you can't. It's just too tense. Don't worry about me, I'll be here for the next week or so. Bloop!

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