Saturday, September 07, 2013

Live election blog!

Hello, and welcome to the Will Type For Food election blog, where we bring you all the glory of democracy as it unfolds across the nation! We'll be speaking to the key players from all sides of politics, that's right, both of them, as the night unfolds! Maybe we'll even chuck in a Green politician to keep you happy! So let's get started!

First, let's cross to Tony Abbott, leader of the opposition, for an interview about how things are proceeding with his party:

.... the waves of necromantic lightning swept across his form as he writhed in voluptuous agony in the dark magics. His whole body experienced intense pain but a demented glare of horrifying glee held in his eyes, and a demonic rictus grin possessed his entire face. The awful yet glorious occult moment of ascension was at hand: all his plans were coming to fruition! Lord Vazgool laughed, laughed with fiendish intensity as he thought with satisfaction on the devastating sacrifices he had wreaked upon the community. He raised the knife for the final.... 

Er, sorry. We seem to be experiencing a few technical difficulties here. We'll be right back.

UPDATE!- Okay, we seem to have our technical difficulties sorted. Just a problem with a few crossed wires or something like that. Anyway, now, we'll take you right to the Federal Seat of Griffith, held by none other than Kevin Rudd. We'll be speaking to him in just a

Robodroid spun wildly around the room, sensors flashing crazily. Robodroid did not know what went wrong! Robodroid just wanted love! Why did people not like Robodroid? It did not compute. The whole system on the starship did not compute, which is why Robodroid wanted to help them out. Why did not people want Robodroid's help? Another laser ray flashed from Robodroid's arm as one of his captives attempted to run for the door. The prime directive once again flashed across Robodroid's face: ALL WHO OPPOSE ROBODROID MUST BE....

Goodness me, I just don't know what's going on here. Hang on a tick, folks.

UPDATE! - Rightho. Sorted. Let's just cross to  an expert for an expertly expert opinion....



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