Monday, January 08, 2007


Fabulous Fel has a fantastic name for a new type of poem: Fibs! Fibs are a little like Haiku, except they're based on the Fibbonaci number sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 56, 90, etc ...), in which the amount of syllables in each line is equal to the sum of the syllables in the previous two lines.

Here is a Fib!


To mind you.
Anyone knows that!
Felines are living, holy art.

That's Fel's Fib, in fact.

Here is another, by me!

Sock Fact
Goes missing,
Leaving the other
Sock lonely and melancholic.

Here are some more! (These following Fibs are all mine).

Underpants Fact

Out of
Ten you should
Refrain from wearing
Underpants upon your head. They
Probably won't fit, and it will make your aunties stare.

A Review of James Joyce's Ulysses

A ten
Thousand word

An Autistic View of Architecture

Stairs. I
Like to walk
Up and down stairs. I
Like to count the stairs as I walk
Up and down the stairs. Do you like stairs? Here are some words
That mean 'stairs': 'Doorstep', 'gradation', 'notch', 'rest', 'round', 'step', 'run', 'rung', 'tread'. I like stairs. Stairs are fun.

Reader, Fib me some more! And don't fob me off with a flubbed Fib, or a squib of a Fib!


Anonymous said...

To Smellbourne,
Saturdee thirteenth,
To investigate real estate
As opposed to all that pretend rubbish inhabited]
By elves and the like and was wondering if you and/or mates fancied afternoon tea]

Anonymous said...

Eek. In line 7, you need to pronounce "inhabited" as if it has 3 syllables. I suggest "inhabted".

TimT said...

That sounds like a positively spiffing idea, and I wouldn't worry so much about the syllables as it's very much a debatable prospect as to whether the word 'malapropism' has five syllables in it.

By an odd coincidence, a group of bloggers (including possibly Sillsbend) are meeting for afternoon tea on Sunday, you want for me to forward you the details?

Anonymous said...

That would be just super. Sillsbend has one of my numerous email addresses, but should it prove unextractable from herself, you could try

Anonymous said...

Except I just belatedly noticed that this blogclub meeting is on SUNDAY, and I'm heading back to Sydville saturday evening. Darnit.

Anonymous said...

p.s.: by which I meant *my* firstname and surname.

Caz said...

I can't contribute to this thread.

I never lose socks.

I have never lost a sock in my entire life.

I have no comprehension of how anyone could lose one sock of a pair - in their own home - even once, let alone repeatedly.

I'm serious.

TimT said...

I have no comprehension of how it happens either, I just know it does happen!

redcap said...

Say but
There are far
More than ten thousand
Words in Ulysses and I hate
Every single god-fearing kidney-eating one.


TimT said...

'Stately' is a fine word, as are 'plump', 'Buck', and 'Mulligan', but place them together in a sentence, and a shiver will run down the spine of all who have read that book, or at least have some idea of what comes after.

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