Monday, January 29, 2007

Let's Talk About Feelings

Feelings, bah! Barely a day goes by without people saying that I should talk about my feelings! Well let me tell you something: I have feelings, and I feel strongly about those feelings, and the way I feel about my feelings is better left unsaid!

A few weeks ago, I went to see Casablanca on the big screen; about halfway through the film when Humphrey Bogart was sitting glowering drunkenly at the wall - a few minutes after running into his One True Love, Ingrid Bergman, in the bar - I experienced a curious sensation in my eyes. It was more or less akin to having slices of fresh garlic being rubbed repeatedly and roughly up and down them. Yeah, that's right - I was getting ready to blub like a baby. But I suppressed those tears, I did! I quashed those emotions with the violence and brutality that has been expected of men! I mean, what right had those feelings to barge into my brain while I was sitting and coolly enjoying the aesthetic experience of a classic Hollywood film? None, that's what!

I'd like to take my feelings outside and show them what for, I would!

Feelings! Faugh!


LanternLight said...

Stop being a girly-man!

Next you'll be claiming to be a metro-sexual.


Kathy said...

Hey Tim wasn't that Ingrid Bergman!

" Of all the gin joints....."

TimT said...

Yer quite right, Kath! Making changes now. And it's a great movie, well worth seeing.

ras said...

Not having feelings is so Manly

Would you like your wife beater in white or blue mr timr sir?

alexis said...

"Wife-beater". Whoever came up with that one gets the 2007 Young, Hip & Sensitive Garment Naming Award. Is there a correlation between uncovered armpits and domestic violence that I've been missing all these years?

(Ras, I know we don't know each other, but I still like your hat. I will continue to say so every time we comment on the same post.)

TimT said...

What is a wife beater, is it anything like an egg beater, or more like that hat there? I fail I am missing a fatal irony.

TimT said...

Er, that is, 'I FEAR I am missing a fatal irony'.

Steve said...

Tim, from what I recall, that seems an odd point of the story at which to be getting almost-teary. Were you a wreck of quivering self control by the climax? :)

For what its worth, the three movies that have made me cry as an adult are: ET, Ghost, and Hanabi. I am still a sucker for ET, at least if I am alone.

alexis said...

Full marks for not having heard the word; it suggests you move in elevated circles. A "wife beater" is a singlet, worn as an outer garment, so called because - apparently - the singlet-as-outer-garment is what unites perpetrators of domestic violence. Personally, I prefer plain old "singlet".

The hat comment was a red herring. Not literally, of course. That would smell.

TimT said...

Hana Bi was awesome; ditto ET. I once almost vomited at a scene in a John Marsden book, a somewhat more manly response, I feel.

A, Alexis - you mean those things wot Chesty Bond is always wearing! Only Chesty Bond would never beat his wife, I'm sure.

alexis said...

Yeah, them ones.

prude said...

I is glad you has got your feelings about feelings out there, timt.

Hey this word verification thing is not working for me firt time round - it has hurt my feelings

Maria said...

Alexis, you are truly a women of wisdom. I ahd never heard of the "singlet-as-outer-garment" uniting wife-beaters.

Does this mean we shall see classes in self-defence for women beginning with the basic "go for the singlet and rip it off" move to prevent further assault?

I'll certainly keep in mind for any potential partners, first date question "How do you prefer your singlet?" There is potential for deception here, I fear, follow him about and see how he wears the sleeveless attire before commitment. You can't be too careful.

Maria said...

Ras, I've never met you either, but I too like your hat. It doesn't flop like mine does. Clearly you didn't purchase yours from some questionable dealer at Paddy's. You must let me in on your hat-buying technique there.

TimT said...

Surely a person going out on dates doesn't prefer singlets at all, but doublets?

As for your floppy hat, either it needs some appropriate medication, or it is not emotionally committed to the relationship. Obvious, really.

Maria said...

TimT, which spam provider commissioned you? You're making me nervous. My floppy hat paranoia has reached an all time high. I've been staring at it for ages - it isn't ... well ... that large .. you know.

It's me. I know it's me.

TimT said...

No, no. The problem is the hats, not yours.

As for my comments, they were purely the unsponsored drivel of my own crazed brain, brought to you free of charge.

ras said...

Ahh, my hat has successfully derailed a conversation on feelings...I'm damn proud.

I bought my hat at gentlemans outfitters, its a paper trilby and is made by avenel hats of melbourne. I love it also, but sadly i didnt bring it to melbourne with me....what an oversight!

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