Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Guilt for Every Occasion

Now that Invasion Day is over - or 'Australia Day', if you prefer to use that term, you white, city-dwelling, Howard-worshipping fascist freakbeing, you - don't think that your patriotic duties are over. Why, this Tuesday coming up we have Lusitania Day, in solemn commemoration of the invasion of the gentle Lusitanian culture by the Roman Empire; closely followed by the sorry occasion that is Antioch Day, held in rememberance of the brutal oppression of the people of Antioch by the violent and intolerant Persian regime.

... Not to mention the invasion of Gallia; Visigothic Hispania; Kyushu; Antioch again; Jaffa; Antioch yet again;, Jerusalem (several times); Cyprus; China by the Mongols; Mongolia by the Chinese; Venetian Corfu by the Ottoman Turks; Russia by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth; the western Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth by Sweden; the eastern Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth by Russia (I'm sure one of them got revenge somewhere); Ethiopia by Adal; Georgians and the Cumans of the Caucasus; the Kuban, Astrakhan, Russia, Ukraine by Mongols; Egypt by the Tunisian Fatimids; and Khwarzim by the Mongols.

There. Did I miss anything?

Anyway, with the amount of invasions going on, it would be un-Australian not to feel sorry for somebody, somewhere, at sometime.

You Monsters.

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