Thursday, October 04, 2007

A call to action

There are millions of people in this world who are disgruntled. And just look at all these news stories! Students disgruntled... disgruntled police officers... disgruntled with your child... Disgruntled investors... disgruntled fans...

This catalogue of disgruntledness, this list of horrors, leads us all to ask, how did all these people get disgruntled in the first place? What is the root cause of all this disgruntledness? It is impossible to tell how many people around you may be disgruntled. Maybe you are disgruntled, too. What's it like? Tell the world about your disgruntledness. Maybe it will make you feel better.

Most importantly, what can we do to gruntle everyone again? We need a Federal Minister of Gruntling to get onto this problem, we need a UN inquiry into the cause of Disgruntledness, we need an International Conference on Behalf of the Regruntling of the world! We need to start gruntling - straight away!

While we're on these important matters, what about that chap in the Keats poem who is 'Alone and palely loitering'? How is it possible to 'palely loiter'? Isn't that another way of saying that you 'loiter in a pale manner'? If it's possible to 'palely loiter', it must be possible also to 'crimsonly loiter' and 'vermillionly loiter'. Plus, if you can 'loiter palely', perhaps you can be 'pale and loiterish', too. What on earth was Keats talking about?

A person got to this blog (hi!) googling for 'Food that grows hair'. I'm glad that somebody has finally got onto this problem.


Steve said...

Tim, your food hair visitor should find this photo of interest:

TimT said...

Thanks, you get all sorts of weird google search requests and wonder if any of them come away from this blog satisfied. Now they've got something to go to.

Mitzi G Burger said...

Reckon at the top of every reprint of La Belle Dame Sans Merci there should be a clearly visible imprint of Keats' poetic license.

TimT said...

But what DID he mean by it?

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