Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Screw the government!

I just completed my tax return.

This conversation with my mother just occured.

ME: I just completed my tax return.

MUM: Good.

ME: I did it electronically.

MUM: Oh, yes - B. does that.

ME: So jolly hockey sticks, eh?

MUM: Yes.

ME: Well, must rush - off to Fitzroy...

MUM: That sounds very hockey sticks indeed.

ME: Yes. Off to play hockey.

MUM: All right.

ME: Cheerio!

MUM: Chip chip!

ME: Toodle oo!

Sometimes I rather doubt the old girl's sanity, but she seems to be on the ball tonight, what?


TimT said...

Oh, go on. Do you really want your money to go to John Howard?

TimT said...

Though perhaps it's poor form of me to drag out the old 'everybody hates John Howard' ploy.

I'm sure my taxes go to many good causes.

Well, some at least.

Caz said...

Err, you sounded equally "on the ball" with your mother Timmy.

Must be genetic.

A hearty chip toodle to both of you!

Maria said...

Don't we all wish we had mums like that!

Jolly hockey to you too TimT!

TimT said...

I got the phrase 'jolly hockey sticks' from her*, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that she would one day use it in this way.

*Also my penchant for puns - surprise, surprise.

colonel eggroll said...

I like the word cheerio, and wish more people used it.

Perhaps when I go to the video store tonight, I will use it and see what happens.

TimT said...

Good idea.

I say it all the time and people look at me strangely, though I like to think that that's due to my bad habit of wearing my shirt backwards.

Words like 'cheerio' should be preserved for the betterment of future generations...

Tony said...

It sounds more like she's just escaped from Margaret Rutherford's cottage.

Maria said...

I like cheerio but I'm an even bigger fan of goodio.

Many more cheerios to all!



TimT said...

That was another of our many conversations -





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