Saturday, October 20, 2007

"I am thinking of bees... "

Small talk poem

- Do you like roses?
- Yes. I do.
- This weather is wet.
- Very true.
- I have visited France.
- And I, China.
I flew there once
In an airliner.
- That wall's very green.
- Hello - a cat!
- I once read a story
About a hat.
- Was it amusing?
- Very much so.
- Do you prefer Geoffrey? Or Martha?
- Not really, no.
- What is the time?
- A quarter to three.
- Here, have a napkin.
- I am thinking of bees.

(Five hours later.)

- A good thing, this rain...
- Hmm... I suppose...
- Look at my sandals!
- You have five toes...
- You are very witty.
- ... also, a nose.


Caz said...

Which doesn't in any manner explain colony collapse and the vanishing of bees.

Are they on airplanes?

TimT said...

Maybe the bees are suffering an existential crisis, and don't want to bee anymore. To bee, or not to bee...

nailpolishblues said...

I quite like this - add in 'what were we talking about?' and 'but I digress' a few times and you have a conversation with me. Especially that bit about the cat.

I am nothing if not thoroughly frustrating.

TimT said...

All the best conversations have digressions in them, many of which involve cats. Actually, good conversation is often nothing more than digression.

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