Monday, October 29, 2007


Kids - say yes to drugs!

No, no, never, never, never, never, never - well, sometimes.

What do you mean, there's a gigantic arachnid standing behind my...

What interesting opinions you have: they resemble mine.

You stand there and look like an actor, and I'll look non-descript.

Try to blend in with the place by making a noise like a brick wall.

Uncle Melchior - please don't eat that!

Don 't trust numbers, you can't count on them.

Don't use words - say what you mean!

You are mediocre, at best, at being mediocre - I'm much better...


alexis said...

Such pith in one who is so not an orange.

TimT said...

Even a twit contains wit, that's how I describe myself.

nailpolishblues said...

I'm not sure I'd be sharing that.

Maria said...

Even someone dumb contains ... um..

That's what I'm likely to say!

Your first line reminded me of the line in "Love Actually"

"Kids - don't buy drugs. Become a rockstar and they give them to you for free!"

alexis said...

Every discovery begins with a disco.

TimT said...

Don't dis the disco.

TimT said...

Or, as someone in a company business might say, don't diss the co.

alexis said...

On Great Disses I Have Known, I quote one Woody Allen: "I had heard that 'commentary' and 'dissent' had merged and formed 'dysentery'."

prude said...

there is nothing suggestive in the prude containing the RUDE i would like to state for the record.

Prude is not rude

it is just a coincidence

TimT said...

If you rearrange the letters of 'PRUDENT', you also get 'nude'.

We live in a fallen world, Prude, a fallen world...

prude said...

It is so sad we has a world where you cannot have a bit of prude without some rude. And no prudent without some nude or nuder.

And no chastity without tits.

It is truly decadent.

Decadent has a CAD in it!

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