Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Workplace Chronicles, book 7, verses 1 - 4

1. And lo! Then Tim arose and went forth to the vending machine of the east. And at the bottom of that vending machine, he made the meet sacrifices and did find a Mars Bar.

2. And then did Tim sully forth to the confluence of the waters in the north: EVEN into the lands flowing with hot and cold and lukewarm water; YEAH, even so they flowed with milk and soy and honey.

3. And there he did fetch himself a mead of coffee and milk that did taste like cardboard.

4. And he did the best that he could to rejoice under the circumstances rejoiced.


blue valentine said...

It could be worse. I just took a big gulp of cold coffee by mistake, coffee that had been sitting on that bench all night. I thought it was grape juice.

Martin Kingsley said...

Cold leftover coffee is something to be treasured, not renounced! If only we all had a cup of cold coffee awaiting us!

TimT said...

Jolly good show, Martin!

Leave it out in winter, add icecream, and you've got an iced coffee!

deaver said...

Cold coffee = awesomness, but you can forget the coffee that's been sitting on your desk all weekend - that's not so good, and luckily I've never had the misfortune of accidentally drinking it. But morning coffee drunk in the afternoon is quite nice.

TimT said...

True. There's nice coffee, ice coffee, and lice coffee. It's all there on the coffee spectrum.

blue valentine said...

Martin and others,

Not being a coffee drinker, I didn't think of the cold coffee/iced coffee connection, but I take your point. Still, I've never liked the sensation of thinking you're going to get one sort of taste and ending up with another taste entirely.

Mitzi G Burger said...

Does your workplace also add milk to hours-ago plunged coffee and reheat in mircowave? This, to my mind, is the only acceptable use for a microwave. The only acceptable cold coffee is an affogato.

Caz said...

How does one sully forth?

Is it akin to sullying one's reputation?

Kathy said...

Don't shilly shally,
Replace sully with sally

Anonymous said...

Where's the usual Saturday post..? Some of us are dying of boredom here!

TimT said...

Hold your horses, anon! It's coming!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that was me. I am a creature of habit and have come to expect a regular Saturday post or three - usually at some dreadfully early hour.


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