Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just ask the hat

A Pithy Helmet.

The Hencyclopaedia Britannica.

Mumble Pie.

Babbage's Indifference Engine.


TimT said...

The Hencyclopaedia Britannica! Now selling in a 12-chook set!

Maria said...

I like Crumble Pie, but it's not that easy to pick up a slice. Usually done well in frozen-ready-to-heat-up packs, in apple flavour. Be prepared to lick the foil platter.

Then there's Stumble Pie - luckily, it doesn't get much of a chance to run away from you, and Grumble Pie, the grouchy brother to Mumble Pie.

Maria said...

There's the Zencyclopedia Britannica - the be-all and end-all resource for Buddhist know-it-alls! Emphasising spiritaulity and sageness over mere compilations of dates - which is more the specialty of the Whencyclopedia Britannica!

alexis said...

The Hencyclopaedia speaks to us in several volumes: book book book book book book book book book.

kiki said...

all i have to say i "wow"

TimT said...

The five stages of Pieness:

CRUMBLE PIE: Please eat me before I crumble entirely away!

FUMBLE PIE: Whoops, I slipped out of your fingers!

STUMBLE PIE: I'll make you slip up as you stoop to pick me from the floor.

GRUMBLE PIE: Bloody hell, stupid human, are you ever going to put me in your mouth?

HUMBLE PIE: Well, you certainly showed me.

Caz said...

Almost a pithy post, but you just couldn't stop, could you?

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