Monday, December 03, 2007

Suggested names for Satanist children
















alexis said...

I've always liked the sound of "Rubella". And maybe "Anthrax" for a boy.

TimT said...

Richly evocative names, as are Typhus, Herpus, and young Gonnhoreal.

Doesn't Gonnhoreal get a bit-part in Shakespeare?

TimT said...

Anthrax sounds like the name of a kid who could go far. "Be horrible, young Anthrax, and some day you may set a bad example for the rest of us!"

St Anthrax, maybe?

alexis said...

Speaking of Gonnhoreal, Lear's about as bad a name as you could hope for. I'm guessing his siblings were called Ogle and Grope.

Keri said...

I always dreamt of calling my first-born Peeweephysahermanhex, but I'll settle for Jake.

And I'd prefer Anthrax the Terrible, myself.

Steve said...

Dementia and Flagella for a girl.

Priapus and Fetid for a boy.

Tim, you got mentioned in despatches at Surfdom. You were milling around hundreds of women, apparently. Any luck? (Heheheh)

TimT said...

No, but I did walk away with a desire to re-read Mansfield Park. I was aware of that plug. The Greer lecture was very good.

TimT said...

Having now heard Germaine Greer on Jane Austen, I wonder what Jane Austen would have to say on Germaine Greer?

nailpolishblues said...

What Jane Austen would have to say about any of us let alone Germaine Greer.

I think we'd make her head explode.

TimT said...

I think that's the sort of thing you get sent up to the back of the English class for. "Teacher? I just made Jane Austen's head explode."

If only they returned to teaching proper things in school, then this sort of thing would never happen!

nailpolishblues said...

That sentence alone would make her head explode. It came out rather badly. I'm going to blame the encroaching thunderstorm and my extreme paranoia for even posting it.

Steve said...

Off topic: I am bitterly disappointed that I can post a cartoon that purportedly shows Julia Gillard topless, and no one comments. What do I have to do to cause offence: add Penny Wong into the action as well?..:)

TimT said...

Shameless blog-pimping, Steve - absolutely shameless! :p

prude said...

That remind me, Pimp is a Satanist name for a child as well!
How about Fatty Fatty Boomsticks and Lard? Or is they just socially not very nice?

Hmmm, I thinks I should write a post about unprude names for children, TimT - you has got me thinking!

prude said...

Thank you TimT all done! I appreciate your inspiration muchly.

TimT said...

I could not be prouder, Prude.

Prude pride, if you will!

prude said...

"Pride comes before us all" I think is th erelevant saying here, TimT

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