Friday, October 03, 2008

The music quiz!

10 quick questions to test your musical knowledge!

1. How would you describe your musical talent?
a) I have relative pitch
b) I have absolute pitch.
c) I have cricket pitch.

2. What is your favourite style of musical performance?
a) Legato
b) Staccato
c) Affogatto - hold the sugar.

3. What operatic genre is La Traviata written in?
a) Buffa.
b) Seria.
c) Soap.

4. Why was Schubert's Unfinished?
a) The same reason as Mozart's Requiem.
b) He couldn't Handel it.
c) He was unable to buy the equipment at the local mechanics.

5. You can have a polyphonic sonata, but not a sonata polyphonic. Why?
a) Cars are not ring tones.
b) Duh! A sonata is the name for an instrumental piece of music that is structured according to certain classical rules, and polyphony is merely the term for several melodies being played at once!
c) Telstra are working on it.

6. Why hymns but not hers?
a) Beats me, the entire congregation sings them.
b) Um, something to do with choirboys?
c) Sexism!

7. Conductors - who is the greatest?
a) Toscanini, the Italian conductor.
b) Boulez, the French conductor.
c) Muggins, the traffic conductor for Sydney Road at the corner of Bell Street, Moreland.

8. What is the best thing to do with scales?
a) Chopin, ascending
b) The Mephisto Waltz, descending.
c) Lock them away before you can use them, and get the apple pie out of the fridge for breakfast.

9. Out of these three listed instruments, what is the most advanced, culturally and mechanically?
a) Bagpipes.
b) Panpipes.
c) The bathroom pipes.

10. Of the following things, what would Ludwig van Beethoven find the least abhorrent if he were alive today?
a) Homophones.
b) Homophobes.
c) Telephones.

KEY! You scored -
Mostly As - there's hope for you yet!
Mostly Bs - no idea, I'm working on this one.
Mostly Cs - Hmmm. If you think legato is a type of pasta, and your closest contact with Mozart was when you drove a friend's Hyundai Sonata one time, you may have a little more to learn yet ...


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One thousand five hundred posts and counting!

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