Thursday, October 30, 2008

Review of a cereal program, in two parts

Sultana Bran is an exciting cereal program in two parts. The first part, the Sultana, is most exciting, while the Bran provides an adequate, though in some ways unsatisfying conclusion.

As far as morning cereals go, Sultana Bran provides more than adequate entertainment, but it is still a little way behind those other exciting morning cereals, Rice Bubbles, which concludes with some very exciting, um, Bubbles, or the mysterious Special K. (To this day, critics have not been able to work out what the 'K' is, or why it's 'Special', but that mystery just makes it even more exciting.)

(Can we continue making bad jokes about food? Yes we can!)


TimT said...

I wonder if this makes me a cereal killer?

forlorn said...

Your devotion to both food and bad jokes is very impressive, although one wonders where your loyalties would lie if you had to choose between them.

(The "K" is very convenient for including alluring female silhouettes in the ads).

TimT said...

I hear that the Coke bottle was modelled after the classical female form.

I'm quite partial to Special K myself, I like the balance of sweetness and crunchiness, though those large tough flakes occasionally have the habit of bruising my upper palate. I also don't really give a crap about whether it 'keeps me looking good' or not. Don't think I'll ever quite achieve the classical 'hourglass' figure, much less go to work in a skirt and high heels.

Not unless somebody paid me very, very much...

Anonymous said...

Whose figure was the Coke can modelled after?

I rather like Special K myself.

Nutri-Grain is not bad if it's in small doses but it is very sweet for me and a lot of it overpowering.

I remember how I used to mix my Cocopops and rice bubbles together to make ... Marble Pops I guess. Multicultural Pops. They look very cool.

TimT said...

I used to do that, though not with cocoa pops which for some reason we never had around the house. I still can't fathom why my mother did that to us - it was so cruel!

If you mix Weet Bix and Cornflakes together you get a mixture of different sized chunks, which are quite attractive. Cornflakes and muesli mixed in together is better, some would say, than the commercial versions ('Just Right', for instance). Or if you try the Cornflakes + Rice Bubbles combination, that's quite fun but I don't think much of it as a meal.

Mmm, cereal...

forlorn said...

Is the Coke bottle wearing a tunic?

I don't mind cereal, but I almost never eat it unless I'm staying somewhere (I had some sort of berry thing this weekend).

As for showing a bit of leg at work, perhaps you could start small with a sparkly clip or headband and then move on to a floral scarf, before unveiling the full Special K-induced glory to your colleagues.

Ampersand Duck said...

Wasn't the 'K' something to do with a vitamin, like Potassium or something, that the cereal was redolent with?

You can see I'm highly trained in science thunk.

TimT said...


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