Friday, October 31, 2008

Zimbalkavietnovietunionisation , the economic theory

CANBERRA, Thursday - Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has defended himself against charges that he has failed to completely Zimbabwifie the Australian economy yet.

"Zimbabwefication of the Australian economy is a hard task, and it takes prudent fiscal management and conservative economic policy to completely Zimbabwifie our accounts," said Mr Rudd.
Mr Rudd went on to outline his plans for the complete Zimbabwification of the economy. "First we have to Balkanise it," said Mr Rudd. "We hope to make significant gains in making significant losses soon."
In a snap meeting of ministers yesterday, Mr Rudd outlined his plan to make Australia the first first-world country to achieve third-word economic conditions.
However, the Opposition Leader, Mr Turnbull, has criticised Mr Rudd's approach, arguing that he may not even be able to achieve significant Balkanisation of the Australian economy.
"In order to achieve Balkanisation, Mr Rudd should be taking steps to make Australia into a new Vietnam. But we are far from confident that he's even done that."
Mr Rudd argued to journalists yesterday that his approach to Balkanisation was not to make Australia into the 'new Vietnam', but instead, he was aiming to turn the country into the 'old Soviet Union'.
"We'll get there," said Mr Rudd. "We're the little country that couldn't. But I'm confident that with a little carbon tax - in addition to conservative economic management - we'll achieve our goals!"

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