Saturday, October 25, 2008

Subversive plus permissive equals submissive!

Subversively non-subversive!
A cutting edge international comedian conformed to bourgeois expectations by subverting them yesterday in his one man show!

The comedian, who refuses to be named except by his first and last titles, is just one of many exciting international comedians and artists to be in Melbourne in the coming weeks, all of who promise to subvert bourgeois expectations in unexpectedly expected ways. It's all part of the MELBOURNE SCRINGE FESTIVAL! (Disclosure: this paper has nothing to do with the Melbourne Scringe Festival, apart from being a major sponsor.)

Excitedly anticipating excited anticipation!
And this year's Melbourne Scringe Festival has been greeted with excited anticipation by those people who normally excitedly anticipate such events!

MARIE, 42, works at an inner-city bookshop, selling books written by middle-aged inner-city dwelling people to other middle-aged inner-city dwelling people about the narrow, inward-looking bourgeious world view shared by middle-aged inner-city dwelling people. "I love the Melbourne Scringe Festival," says Marie. "I really look forward to having my narrow, inward-looking bourgeois world-view shattered this year, just as happens to me every year."

ROD, 45, owns and runs a busy cafe on Lygon Street, Carlton, but feels guilty about it. He says of the coming Scringe Festival: "Finally, my conservative world-view will be confronted and subverted. I feel comforted by this."

COLLETTE, 33, runs a clinic in St Kilda for recovering bogans. "It's about time I was taken out of my staid old life and introduced into the vibrant, cosmopolitan world of modern art," she says. "Thank you, Melbourne Scringe."

Events that may or may not happen!
Just some of the acts at this year's Scringe:

REN TODGE is an internationally respected artist, from one side of Fitzroy to the other! He specialises in subtly exaggerated stereotypes of bogans he grew up with. "It's not racist," he cries, "because I am a bogan!"Ren Todge's cutting-edge conformist comedy is sure to make a hit on the Melbourne stage again at this festival!

DANNY MUDDLE's comedy is like no other. Muddle's startlingly original act consists of performing left-wing stereotypes of right-wing politicians before a left-wing audience; by mocking people of different races, subversively. As one reviewer says, in reviewing his show, "If it wasn't subversive, it would be offensive!"


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