Friday, October 31, 2008


Poem written on seeing a peculiar car drive past my workplace this afternoon

That car is pink!
It makes you think.
UPDATE! - New Zealand version
Thut car us punk!
Ut makes you thunk.


Anonymous said...

That car is pank
At makes you thank.

(Thank whom? Um, the nice paople who pank-spray the car of carse)

TimT said...

Thenk you viry much!

Bwca said...

Mary Kay cosmetics awards a pink car to their high-achiever sales-maniacs. It may have been one of those you saw.

Frightens me.
I'm telling you that for free.

TimT said...

Not sure what I'd do if I got a pink car for a prize. Display it on the front lawn?

Anonymous said...

Drive it around on pink ribbon day?


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