Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Words that start with O: ordinary, oligopoly...

If you like your incisive political analysis to come complete with glitz and glamour and flare and without incisive political analysis, why not dip into the pages of Obama Magazine? Graced with front-cover pictures of Obama, centre-fold pictures of Obama, and back-page pictures of Obama, the magazine offers you plenty of opportunities to subject rigorous political scrutiny and economic analysis to his clothes, his hair, the clothes Michelle Obama is wearing and her hair.

But you would be wrong if you thought that Obama Magazine was just an exercise in political narcicissm, the Great Man theory of history as presented by celebrity journalism. No, there's more! You'll also get bizarre photo spreads of Obama's heads of staff, and chunks from his speeches (included purely as light pictoral relief to be set aside from the pictures of Obama).

Is this not, you might be moved to ask, utterly frivolous stuff, the sort of political propaganda that has resulted from a mainstream media that is disinterested in truth, and is solely focused on ratings? Is it not politics for the Oprah generation? Actually, Oprah graces the third page of one of the issues that I picked up in Readings, but clearly, no: the magazine has a clear purpose for the Democratic Party (ie, making thousands of dollars worth of money for themselves), which will allow them to continue to work hard on behalf of their fellow Americans (ie, spending tens of billions of dollars of other people's money).

Obama Magazine! You pay for it either way!


Bwca Brownie said...

I had thought that oligopoly was a game played underneath the oligarches.

TimT said...

There are many types of oligopolys - polygopolys!

Link said...


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