Sunday, December 20, 2009

The reasoning for the seasoning

Problem: we seem to spend so much time rushing around doing things for Christmas that we don't have any time left over to do all those things that we want to do, ie, waste time.

Proposal: We simply take Christmas, the day that we do all the rushing around before; and swap it around with Boxing Day, a day which we don't do any rushing in preparation for, whatsoever. That way, we have an extra day to spend time on before Christmas, wasting time, and therefore we have got all the wasting time out of the way by Christmas time.

Difficulty with proposal: we'd probably end up rushing around on Boxing Day anyway, and spend all that time that we should have been wasting our time buying the presents, etc, that we should have bought beforehand. Maybe we could solve this by having an extra day for doing nothing after Christmas anyway. 'Triangulation Day', perhaps?

Further difficulty: I'm not quite sure what would happen to Christmas Eve. Presumably it would go just before Boxing Day, but then we'd have to call it Christmas Eve Eve, which could become confusing.

Although my idea has its difficulties, I suggest we send it off to the governmental department in charge of Christmas right away, so we can get this up and running before next year - perhaps regulated by an appropriate civil servants agency.


Dan the VespaMan said...

Hang on there Tim, are you suggesting that boxing day is like a day of laziness and inaction and can simply be secondered for xmas celebrations?

I'm not too sure about that idea. Boxing day is for couch sitting, couch surfing, couch lying down on, and sipping cool beer while on said couch. This is an important and traditional activity and should not be tampered with.

TimT said...

I went to a show last year where one of the actors kept on referring to Christmas as 'Boxing Day Eve', or 'the day before the most important festival on our calendar!'. Kind of cute.

phil said...

I think if Jesus had been, say, opening batsman for the West Indies, Christmas would be very different.

Also, keep Christmas away fromthe government because if they review they will do focus groups which are very hard to do on Boxing Day, especially in the afternoon.

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