Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Various made-up synonyms for 'lying around on the couch for ages not doing anything'



Hoisting my sails in the pillowing wind.

Planting a field of couch potatoes.

Extreme sitting.

Going to the gym, in my mind.

Like it or slump it.

Being couchettish.


Going out in a laze of glory.



Anonymous said...

Prone cold sober.

TimT said...

'A typical weekend by Tim'

TimT said...

Chairing a meeting, in which I meet a chair.

Dan the VespaMan said...

Tim, couch sitting makes financial sense. Your loose change falls out of your pockets and into the couch where it is only found later so you can't spend it straight away. It also works if you are dieting, with morsels of food you would usually scoff falling into the nether regions of your couch.

"Couch Investing" & "Couch Dieting"

Ampersand Duck said...

my aunite had so much chairbling that she had to keep it covered in plastic so that bottom's wouldn't damage the blinginess.

WV = shouge, which is very laid back.

Ampersand Duck said...

oh my god, I'm going to chop my fingers off for that terrible typing!



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