Sunday, April 11, 2010


Dearest reader, I have been remiss, but, even worse, I have been sadly neglectful of my duties to you. I have failed to tell you about an upcoming event, upcoming in a few days, that is. Even worse, I forgot to tell you about an upcoming event that is so upcoming that it has already happened. That's two things I haven't told you about, so I'll do it now, taking the second first, and the first second. (I hope that didn't make sense.)

1) On Tuesday, I went to a poetry slam with the theme '7'. It was hosted by Ben Pobjie, in the absence of regular host the Crazy Elf. I won it, too - though that victory of mine was more based around the fact that -

a) There were only three performers.
b) One of the judges was my brother.

So yeah, it was a fun event anyway. Ben did a great job of compering an event with an audience of only ten people (three of who were poets). The audience of ten people did a great job of staying an audience of ten people. And my bro Lachlan did a great job at complete and unmitigated bias (I knew it would come in handy eventually). And, um, you're all invited... *

2) On Wednesday upcoming, I'll be attending a book launch. What sort of a book launch, you ask? Oh, only the launching of this book, which I totally happen to be in. (Forgot to tell you about that, too. (And I got my copy in the mail a few weeks ago, and forgot to mention that, in addition. (Thanks Karen!))) You can come too!

So yeah. Mea culpa! Mea culpa! Mea maxima culpa!

Not that I'm going to make a big deal out of it, though.

*Though if you can't come for some reason come to a slam that has already happened, come along to next month's one! First Tuesday of next month, at the Alchemist Bar in Fitzroy!


Mitzi G Burger said...

Congratulations! All claims of nepotism duly ignored, the poetry slam escapades sound super fun.

Karen said...

No problem. See you Wednesday :)

brokenbiro said...

I went to a slam in Manchester once where it turned out one of the four judges was the 15-year old winner's mum and another was his English teacher. I'm not bitter. They're dead now.

TimT said...

But the spirit of nepotism is alive and well!

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