Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thoughts after attending the book launch of Miscellaneous Voices

1. Finally I got to meet Miscellaneous!

2. Disappointingly, book launches don't seem to involve any rockets. I had a mental picture of a book launch being like a rocket launch.

3. A vegan status is apparently not like a facebook status. Who knew?

4. Live reading of blog posts is a strange idea, but I did toss up the idea with Solid Gold Creativity and her friends of ad-libbing a new blog post on stage.

5. Free wine!

(That last one is not actually a coherent thought, which is rather appropriate, really.)



Anonymous said...

i was expecting someone to blog directly from the launch. or at least tweet minute-by-minute updates. guess we're just not wired enough.

TimT said...

Or maybe everyone there was wired enough to know that twittering from the blog launch would be too wired?

TimT said...

I suppose that's a wired generalisation.

TimT said...

Or maybe I'm just a wiredo.

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