Thursday, April 15, 2010

If people were like cats

Marguerite is sitting in the chair reading the paper. The door on the opposite side of the room opens and Geoffrey enters.

GEOFFREY: (Walks to the middle of the room and throws his hands up into the air.) Ooooohhhhhahhhhahhhoooh! Ahhhhhhoooohhhhhahhhhh! (Walks out of the room again)

(Marguerite continues reading her paper.)

Rodney, Rufus, and Sydney are sitting around a swish board room deep in a heated discussion about productivity, efficiency dividends, and so on. The door to the board room opens and Murgatroyd enters, with a large, dead rat in her hands.

MURGATROYD: (Carrying the rat up to Rufus and laying it down on the table in front of him.) Morning, Ruf. (Leaves.)

(Rufus bats at the rat with his hand. It spins across the desk to Rodney. Rodney begins to throw it up with one hand and attempts to catch the rat with his mouth. He and Rufus bat it back and forth between one another. Suddenly Sydney springs on the rat, etc etc)

Coming up: if cats were like dogs! If dogs were like anaerobic bacteria! And if mildew was like mould! The possibilities are endless, really!


Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Marguerite is sitting on the paper, nibbling the chair.

TimT said...

Just so long as she's not nibbling the paper, I haven't read it yet. And Geoffrey wants to look at the business section.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

With his bottom.

TimT said...

During the Powerpoint presentation, Rodney sits in the middle of the board room table and begins to vigorously lick his stomach.

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