Monday, April 19, 2010

Word word word word word word picture

We were putting the finishing touches to another zine last night, the Baron and I. Or rather, the Baron was putting the finishing touches to the zine, while I looked on. The zine was the second issue of Badger's Dozen, and here's how the proceedings, er, proceeded:

- We put a number of Badger pictures in the opening editorial, which was called 'Badgertorial', just to make the point that this was written by a Badger.

- We illustrated a nice poem by nice Michael Reynolds. The poem contains a passing reference to nuns. So we put a picture of a nun in it.

- A short story by Eddy Burger called Light Is Evil was illustrated with a picture of an evil light-globe. I mean, it had fangs and everything (the light globe, not the story). And because there was space left over at the end of the second page, I drew a picture of a leaf, and gave it the title Portrait of the leaf as a slightly younger leaf, and stuck it in.

- A series of mock-DVD reviews by Tim about a television detective were illustrated by a duck. We gave the duck sunglasses and a pipe, which made it a detective duck. Oh, and the article concluded with a picture of Badger watching the television.

This illustrating thing is quite a lark, isn't it? So much so, that next issue of Badger's Dozen I'm toying with the idea of including a picture-that-caption competition - just like a caption-that-picture competition, but in reverse, so I'll include a caption, and you have to think of a witty picture to go with it. Something like:

"Oh, tea again?"
"Rudolph, sitzen!"

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