Monday, May 07, 2012

Butterflies! Dandelions! Puppy dogs! Poetry!

I have decided to invent a new type of poetry*, another variation on the haiku. I will call it the shrieku. Each line will consist solely of modulated shrieks, and of course it will follow the five syllable/seven syllable/five syllable structure of the haiku. Here's an interesting example of the method that I've just penned:


Strangely enough, all the other examples of the shrieku sound just like this one. So the form has some constraints. But that's the point of form, after all - by working within the shrieku form, you are able to say more with less. Well not really. You're not saying anything, you're just screaming. But that really does sum up something important about modern life, don't you think?

Please leave sample shrieks, screams, hollers, shouts, and other ghastly bloodcurdling wails in comments.

*No no, not like that time, or that time either. This time I'm serious.


Shelley said...

Finally, a poetry I could be good at!

TimT said...

Through extensive experience at the Dan, I can report poetry is mostly rhymes, and funny voices, or rhymes in funny voices. But screaming definitely has its place.

Shelley said...

Have you considered doing it in hooker heels? I figure if it works on The Voice it would surely bring something special to poetry. Also, should you don hooker heels I demand photos.

TimT said...

Haven't considered doing it... until five seconds ago. But yes, it could be a plan, it definitely could be....

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