Friday, May 11, 2012

Cat scenarios

The cats spend a lot of time at the window, outside, on the fence, across the road, or just anywhere really staring at, stalking, but mostly making funny little noises at the birds around our house. Here's how I imagine the scenario plays out in their heads:
1) They make funny little noises at the birds.

2) The birds fly into their mouths.

3) They eat the birds.

4) Everyone is happy.
This situation all seems perfectly logical, if you are a cat.

Well, this morning the Baron and I were outside with Harriet the Grey, and a plane went overhead, and I fancy I saw Harriet look at it with a similar sort of interest to that with which she looked at birds. Indeed, a similar scenario may have been playing out in her head.
1) Harriet makes funny little noises at the plane.

2) Plane crashes immediately, shards of metal go everywhere.

3) Harriet goes over and rubs herself against a shard of metal.

4) The passengers, all miraculously unwounded, go over and pat her.

5) Everyone is happy.
Hey, don't scoff. It could happen.

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