Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dens of Sin and Iniquity and Niceness

I am fond of the virtuously named pubs and theatres around Melbourne. There's a lot of them. Actually there's only three I can think of but they're all good. Actually one's not even a theatre anymore, but I'm still putting it in the list.

The Perseverance Hotel
The Temperance Hotel
The Progress Theatre

There's something, shall we say, wistful about the concept of naming a pub after a virtue such as 'Perseverance'.

Perhaps there could be more of them. A few tentative names:

The Chastity Hotel
The Upright Bar
The Soberman Pub
The Candid Venue
The Worthy Inn

UPDATE! - I just remembered, in North Melbourne there's a bar called



Anonymous said...

The Celibate Motel
The Rechabite Hotel
The Moderation Bar

TimT said...

The Propriety.

TimT said...

(I wonder who the proprietor at The Propriety Property, PTY, would be?)

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