Friday, May 18, 2012

Wiggle niggle

Amid speculation about the future of children's rock and roll outfit The Wiggles following the announcement of the departure of three of the original members, children and parents have been left in the dark as to the future of the "Black Wiggle", Horace Greely.

The basic set-design of the Wiggles has not changed for years: Greg is the yellow one, Murray is the red one, Anthony is the blue one, Jeff is the purple one, and Horace is the black one who has for years been involved in covert terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and is suspected of smuggling drugs and weapons into Australia from overseas.

As the much-loved Black Wiggle, Horace was a core member of the Wiggles, and participated in many of their most famous songs: the one about the dinosaur, the one in which Jeff wakes up, and the one in which all the band members sing about how nice heroin is and why don't their audience members give it a try, too.

For many years, Horace has been living in semi-retirement from the Wiggles, possibly because he has been sought by the law for his funding of paramilitary organisations in Latin America. However, he has come out of retirement several times, and speculation over his future in the band now is rife.

FUN FACT! - In Horace's signature song, 'Let's spell P-S-Y-C-H-O-P-A-T-H-Y', use of regular character Dorothy the Dinosaur was dropped because of concerns about a dinosaur being 'too scary' for children.


Legal Eagle said...

A welcome lighthearted approach on this whole Wiggles thang.

TimT said...

I was just sitting at work and they appeared on one of the ubiquitous tellies and I thought, 'oh yeah, the Wiggles. They Exist.' Still not sure what the thang is!

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