Monday, April 08, 2013

My humble fumble bumble grumble

This morning I set off with hope in my heart and a song on my lips, and a little sheaf of papers in my hands to get photocopied and then sent off at the Thomastown Post Office. My hope and joy turned out to be sadly misplaced. In short order (although that turned out to be a rather long short order), I found myself
  • Sent from the Thomastown Post Office to the local MPs office to take advantage of their free photocopying,
  • Walking from the local MPs office, which, in spite of its free photocopying, was closed, to the Lalor Library,
  • Finding a queue for the photocopier at the Lalor Library, which photocopier required details about my library card for me to be able to use it, although I was not, in fact, in possession of a library card,
  • Approaching the lady behind the desk at the Lalor Post Office and being told to take my photocopying to the Lalor Library, because they never photocopied documents over 10 pages long, 
  • Walking all the way to Office Works at Epping because bugger Lalor Post Office anyway with their 40 cents a page photocopying
  • Discovering a notice on the front door of the Office Works at Epping saying that all their self-service photocopiers were out of service. 
 At this point, it occurred to me that today might be a very good day for me to go and buy a racehorse, get that racehorse in a prominent race, and place all my money on some other racehorse, because quite clearly, I was having a terrible run of luck.

PS If you like queues, I would not hesitate to recommend the queue at Epping Post Office to you. It is undoubtedly the best - or at least the longest and most tedious - of all the queues in all the post offices I have been in today. In fact, the queue is so long, that I'm probably still in it now.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, the queue at Epping Post Office is ginormous!!!

TimT said...

I'm still in it now. Ooh look Beatrix Potter, three for $20!

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