Sunday, April 28, 2013

That thing about things on the thing thing

I just had a conversation with the Baron about things.

BARON: The thing has just finished.

ME: Yes, in order to go out I have to put the things on the thing. 

BARON: We'd probably better put the thing inside. 

ME: Yes, the thing is inside, but in order to put things on the thing I have to take the things off the thing. 


ME: Yes. 

I have no idea either. This is basically what married life is like.

A little later, we had another conversation:

ME: The things are all on the thing, but I have more things, so I think I will put it on the thing. 

BARON: What? 

ME: I need to put these things (pointing at these things) on the thing (pointing into another room somewhere).

BARON: (In a strained voice) I have no idea what you are talking about. 

At this point, I could only point awkwardly at the things and the thing, as I had done before, and the Baron helpfully said "Oh yes, now I know what you mean."

I wish she'd tell me.

UPDATE! -  Reader competition! Perhaps people reading this post - yes, all one of you - could offer creative suggestions as to what the 'things' and the 'thing' is. The best entry gets a hot date! But not with me though. I'm not sharing my hot dates with anyone.


Steve said...

I don't know what "the thing" could possibly be, but it would seem that conversations between you and the Baron when you're in your 80's are going to be excruciating.

Perhaps you could start using flashcards of common household items in preparation?

TimT said...

Since no-one else is likely to enter this competition despite the tempting prize, I can reveal what the things were. It was all about putting washing on the clothes horse (which I call 'the vine' (when I don't call it the 'thing', of course)).

Flashcards! Genius! I'm on it!

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