Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Ironic Lady

On the day that the Ironic Lady came to power, few would have guessed the monumental effect she would have on the history of her nation.

"If the honourable Prime Minister's economic policies really work, then perhaps she'd like to sell you London Bridge," proclaimed the leader of the opposition and former Prime Minister about the incoming Prime Minister, the Ironic Lady.

The next day, the Ironic Lady sold London Bridge to an antiques dealer in Yorkshire. It was the first of many victories for the Ironic Lady.

Later, when she was confronted by a group of protesters outside number 10, Downing Street, calling for the banning of genetically modified food, she proclaimed, "if genetic modification of food is really that dangerous, then tomorrow London will be attacked by flying pigs."

No-one could have expected the Flying Pig Blitz of 1980, but yet again, it seemed, the Ironic Lady had been proven strangely and unexpectedly right.

Over the years, the influence of the Ironic Lady grew. In the election of 1987, it seemed to some that her power was waning, causing the Opposition Leader of the time saying she was taking a spoon to a knife fight.

As it turned out, later that same day, the Ironic Lady interrupted a knife fight between two young men, and simply by waving her teaspoon around, managed to scare off both the criminals. She had struck again.

It was only after she left office that it was finally revealed that the Ironic Lady was actually a man.

It was quite ironic, really.

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