Friday, April 05, 2013

Roaratorios and uproars (and twitter)

Across Twitter today, users found new and exciting vectors through which their head might connect with their desk, discovered a hitherto unknown gravitational relationship between their ocular organs and a series of sharp objects generally used for writing or drawing, employed dessert cutlery to gouge out those same ocular organs repeatedly (repeatedly), made major innovations in the theory and practice of literature by deploying upper-case letters for hyperbolic effect, followed hash tags with a series of observations of things that needed to be observed, became outraged by shockingly scandalous disgraceful dramas, dramatically shockingly disgraceful scandalously outrages, or all three of the above, fumed, fulminated, fretted, and generally frowned upon the activities of various other people in the world at large.

In other news, Beatrice the cat is sleeping peacefully on the purple couch. The end.

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