Monday, April 01, 2013


The 2013 AFL season has drawn to a close after just one round, leaving Richmond Football Club the champions for another year, along with several other exhausted clubs.

The unconventional decision was taken in an unconventional manner by Brendon Gale, the CEO of the Richmond Tigers, making this the best season in thirty years for the underperforming club.

"We've fought long and hard, and sometimes it looked like we wouldn't make it, but in the end I knew our boys had it in them to come out tops," said Gale. "and in the end, we humiliated Carlton, which is all that really matters."

The victory in the grand final, which also turned out to be the grand opening, makes this the best year yet for the Tigers, who Gale says "will continue to grow stronger, healthier, and better, ready for the footy season next year."

For some, this year in football, or more accurately three or four days in football, has turned out to be a year of triumph, while for others, it has been a year of loss. The next few months will be a chance for the losing teams, such as Carlton, St Kilda, and the Demons to regroup and think about the opportunities lost. The winners of the finals, such as Richmond and Port Adelaide and the unexpected winners, the Gold Coast Suns, will have given their fans much to celebrate.

However, a little known official from elsewhere in the AFL known as Andrew Demetriou has denied that the season has come to an end, and that the next round in the season will go ahead as planned.

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