Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Happy Endings

Who would have known that a story called 'Spot Gets Neutered' would turn out to have such a gruesome ending? Unfortunately, that's just the way things happened.

But don't worry. Everything turned out happily in the end.

Spot's mother, Sally, lived to a ripe old age, and was visited by Spot every Saturday.
Colin Cat wrote a book about his experiences, and became rich and famous, all over the world.
Peter the Paranoid Parrot was brought one day in a pet shop by a man who suffered from the delusion that birds talked to him. The two discovered that they shared much in common, and became firm friends.
Maddie Mouse may have had an untimely end, but at least she gave Spot indigestion.
The Vet found out that the reason he was laughing so much was because he had left the laughing gas on in his surgery. He turned it off and immediately collapsed in hysterical sobs on the floor. "This is the happiest day of my life!" he sobbed, before dying of a massive heart attack.
Daisy the Dog got over her rejection by Spot, and made it her ambition to become the First Dog on the Moon. She studied hard, got good grades at school, went to a reputable Canine College, and eventually her childhood dream became true.

And Spot became a leading Countertenor, yapping all around the world before audiences of millions. He performed pieces by such famous composers as George Frideric Houndel, Johann Sebastian Bark, Woofgang Amadeus Mozart, and Beagle Stravinsky. He was loved by all.

UPDATE - For more dog-related goodness, read this lovely tale about cosmetic treatment, dog style, on Metal City.

UPDATE ON THE UPDATE - First time readers might be a little surprised that 'things can turn out happily in the end' after a 'gruesome ending'. But there it is.

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TimT said...

I'm not sure why, but Spot could never bring himself to perform pieces by Benjamin Kitten...

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