Monday, June 06, 2005

Snode Sounds Like a Rather Good Title For a Poem, Actually

I never knew that my 'How Not To Be a Poet' rules published the other night could be applied with such devastatingly hilarious results, but they have. Well, I've composed the following short poem - where the rhymes are made of words/sounds that are exactly the same, but mean different things.

There was a girl -
Her name was Red
Her hair* was long -
Her hair was red.

She had a blog.
And could she write!
Oh, yes she could -
She could alright!

And then one day,
To her surprise
She woke to find
She'd won

And a happy first birthday (and a little bit) to Red's blog!

*Pointless speculation. For all I know, her hair might just be a little longer than Kojaks.**
** Then again, she could be like Rapunzel. The point is, I don't know.


Anonymous said...

Oh, my darling chocolate cake of loathsome proportions! That is the SWEETEST thing anyone has ever written to and about me (except for the one time back during my school days when this boy claimed that he had written a love poem to me in his own blood. Turned out it was actually cherry pie sauce. (Still, it was the thought that counted.) One could say that I ate it all up, because I licked the paper until it eventually disintegrated.)

About my hair... I'm tempted to keep up this whole "I look EXACTLY like Nicole Kidman" fantasy. So yeah, my hair IS long and red, but, instead of Nicole or even Rapunzel, that lovely locked up lass.. (GET it? LOCKed up. Yeah, yeah... okay, okay. I'll stop now) I'm afraid my look is more like a cross between an orangutan and a gorilla.

xxx Redsaid

Gempires said...

Tim, you've been tagged. Go to for info. x Gem

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