Monday, June 13, 2005

Underwear of the Mighty

There is one single cause linking all the great events of history - the underwear which mighty historical rulers were wearing. Here is a brief history of the Underwear of the Mighty!

Margaret Thatcher

She's wearing red knickers with fishnet stockings.

Julius Caesar

Caesar found that purple silk briefs were just the thing to wear when subjugating the Britons.

Joan de Arc

Joan de Arc is wearing a cast-iron breastplate and a G-string made out of the finest ivory.

Napoleon Buonaparte

The secret of this great military conqueror? He's not WEARING any underwear!


naridu said...

I'm curious, can 'Will Type for Food' also uncover the panty-wearing preferences of earlier great leaders such as Sophocles, Cleopatra and Euripides?

TimT said...

I thought about that ... but how far back should I go? What sort of underwear did Gilgamesh, the conqueror of Sumeria, wear? Or what about our proto-mammalian ancestors, when they first crawled out of the primordial slime? Did they favour lingerie or boxers?

Somebody shoud tell us these things!

Anonymous said...

I once heard through a friend that Erwin Rommel used to command battalions of Axis tanks wearing a g-string with 'tasty' written on the front.

But, you never can believe these things.

- Uncle Dave.

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