Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Questions Asked

All streets may have a beginning and an end, but which one is the beginning and which one is the end? Why are oranges called 'oranges', but lemons not called 'yellows'? Who was Betsy and why do we continually wish her the 'heavens'? And exactly how much wood could a Woodchuck chuck, if, and only if, the circumstances arose in which this hypothetical Woodchuck could chuck wood?

We all say these things, but we very rarely stop to consider what we mean by them. Well, I'm putting the questions out there. Anyone got any answers?


Chas said...

Well, duh, the end is at the opposite end to the beginning. The question you should be asking is why aren't canaries and sunflowers "lemon". A woodchuck can chuck the same amount of wood that it's stomach can hold. I have no idea who Betsy is, I have never wished anyone anything.

How can you ask a question about asking questions without asking a question?

Chas said...

its, not it's. Sheesh, learn to speak the Englishs's when you type!

daisythelamb said...

I dunno about the rest of them but I do know that Betsy's a cuntface bitch and we should all cease wishing her heavens immediately.

TimT said...

Chas: the apostrophe denotes the possessive. In this case, the 'stomach' is posessed by the 'it'. I am happy to inform you your sentence is perfectly cromulent!

Daisy: when it comes to such delicate and sensitive feminine matters, I no nothing, and prudence therefore dictates my silence.

TimT said...

'Know' nothing, not no nothing! Do'oh!

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