Tuesday, June 12, 2007

An Announcement...

Anybody notice anything about the previous four posts?

That's right: one of them has 16 comments. The one before that has 25 comments. The one before that, 9 comments; and the one before that? Four comments! They're all square numbers!

I am immoderately excited by this!

UPDATE! - This post now has 1 comment: another square number! Hooray for Karen!

UPDATE UPDATE! - In case you've been wondering why I haven't commented myself, this is why.

Often, as my eye rests upon a square-numbered comment box, I think to myself, 'If only it could be this way forever!'

Simple things like this entertain me. I also like colons (of the grammatical type) and hat racks. I once told a completely dull story about a hat rack in New York to Alexis and was bemused when she did not share my excitement.

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE! - Naturally, this would be the perfect opportunity for a nasty person to leave one comment each in all of the posts below, thus ruining this moment. I trust this nasty person will exercise restraint and forebear from performing this perfidious act.


Karen said...

This is a ruse to tempt people to add further comments, in the false belief that they will be fixing your little wagon good and proper by doing so, when they'll be actually just feeding the monster. Nailpolishblues was right about you!

alexis said...

Yeah, sorry about my failure to rise to the hat rack occasion. You'll be pleased to know, though, that I'm rather partial to a well-turned hat stand. Thing is, I prefer my verticals to my horizontals.

alexis said...

Just to keep matters perfectly square, I'll add that what really excites me is an utterance whose syllables tot up to a multiple of five.

alexis said...

"Pentasyllabic" is an example.

nailpolishblues said...

Was I meant to get all paranoid at the 'nasty' thing or am I confusing you with someone else?

Yes, sense will kick in at some point - it's just too damn early right now.

TimT said...

Now this post has five comments, the moment seems to have passed. Guess I should go back and respond to some of those comments now...

Karen said...

My mother is in the market for a hat rack right now, but she wants to put bags on it. I do agree with Alexis about the verticals. A horizontal hat rack is too much like a coat rack. Minor things I like about North America: the ready available of clean public fountains, the number of doors that are weighted so you only have to push them slightly.

You wanted the "nasty" person to come in. This is oddly reminiscent of your previous request for insults. I think you don't enjoy the prime moment nearly as much as you enjoy having it snatched away from you!

Karen said...

ready availability.

TimT said...

On the contrary, I enjoy prime moments very much.

My next aim is to reach a prime number of comments in this post. Eleven seems a good target.

Mrs Mean said...

I'm going to add in a 9th comment.


I looked back at my posts at The Means and I see I have received 0 comments for the last four posts!

I think I too see a pattern!

It's not just your blog, TimT. For you it's squares, for me, circles.

Mrs Mean said...

Darn. That makes it your 10th comment. Let me add in an 11th comment (I hope it's eleventh) and give you the prime you love.

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